Organic Carpet Cleaning Santa Monica: Give Your Carpets a New Lease on Life

Vacuuming alone cannot keep your carpets free of dust and germs or maintain its longevity and, here is why Organic Carpet Cleaning Santa Monica comes to your service!

Carpets, no doubt, are a lovely addition to any home, making it look attractive, welcoming, and homely. Unfortunately, they are also high-maintenance and require frequent cleaning to ensure that they are free of dust and germs. Expensive carpets often come with a warranty but did you know that most carpet makers have one condition that has to be taken care of to ensure that the warranty remains valid? They require that carpets be professionally steam cleaned once in a year at least! So, when was the last time you hired carpet cleaning services?

Why Choose Organic Carpet Cleaning Santa Monica?

People in the Santa Monica area have been entrusting their precious carpets to us for years. Each time we take pride in making them surprised with the results of our organic carpet cleaning. Not only is their carpet cleaner, but our green carpet cleaner ensures that the colours stay vibrant, so they look brand new. It’s like a new lease on life for carpets!

Carpet Cleaning Santa Monica

Why Go for Our Green Carpet Cleaning Products?

Commercial carpet cleaners are loaded with chemicals. While these may be effective in getting carpets clean, they also wreak havoc on the fibers of the carpet, affecting their structural integrity. This means that you will see your carpet fraying in no time at all. Their colours also get faded under the harsh chemical wash. Apart from this, the health of your children and pets are also impacted because of inhaling toxic chemicals every time they play on the carpet cleaned using chemical cleaning agents.

Health Benefits of Organic Carpet Cleaning Santa Monica

Organic Carpet Cleaning has formulated special cleaning agents that are fully organic and green. They do not leave behind any residues that could affect your children or pets.
Carpets are very good at sucking up dust particles and microbes, mold and fungi, which could cause skin and other allergies. Our green cleaning methods treat your carpet effectively, removing every trace of dust, dirt, grease, grime, and germs. So you can rest assured that your health and that of your family is in good hands and that your carpets remain a favourite place to play or even sleep for your children or pets.

Maintenance Benefits of Organic Carpet Cleaning Santa Monica

Our green cleaning agents are harsh on harmful elements but very gentle on your carpet. They ensure that the colours of your carpet do not fade but are restored as fresh and vibrant as they were the first day you bought your carpet. They are also gentle on the fibers of your carpet, so they do not get damaged or frayed. This ensures a longer life for your carpet and hence good return on your investment.

Distinguishing Features of Organic Carpet Cleaning Santa Monica

  • All our products are chemical free and thus safe for everyone, especially children and pets.
  • Our green products are eco-friendly so you don’t have to worry about polluting the environment with chemical residues.
  • We follow meticulous and state-of-the art methods with the latest carpet cleaning equipment to give you deep and thorough carpet cleaning.
  • We respond within 45 minutes of your call to our office, so you don’t have to worry about your guests seeing your faded or stained carpet anymore. Just call us and we will make your carpet as good as new!
  • We offer after-hour services so you don’t have to work your schedule around us.

Call Organic Carpet Cleaning in Santa Monica today for a professional, eco-friendly, and healthy carpet cleaning!

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